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Corporate Dishwashing &
Reusable Container Service


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A Full-Service Dishwashing Solution


We simplify your dining operation with our dishwashing delivery service, providing quality, reusable wares.

Using robotics and process innovation, Dishcraft reduces waste and improves efficiency, providing a sustainable dishwashing service.

What You Get

  • Clean Reusable Dishes and Containers Delivered Every Day
  • Quality plates, bowls, flatware, mugs, and glasses
  • Commercial grade high-efficiency automated dishwashing
  • Powered by Innovative Robotics and AI
  • Clean, organized on-site collection and cart system

Consistently Clean, Thoroughly Sanitized

When it comes to clean, Dishcraft’s robotic solution provides a significant improvement over traditional ware washing.

No other dishwashing system uses the combination of high-powered scrubbing and proprietary AI to to deep clean dishes and detect dirt particles unseen to the human eye.




“When we use Dishcraft, we are able to use real dishes without the hassle of managing a dish room. It’s a better dining experience with dramatically less waste.”

Dishcraft is currently delivering in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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