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Reusable Takeout
Container Service


Save Money and the Planet

Higher Level of Clean

Our dishes and utensils are scrubbed, inspected and sent through a Commercial-Grade Sanitizer for a clean that exceeds health code standards. The result? Guaranteed safe, sanitized foodware.

Reduce Your Waste

Do your part to help to lessen the 2.1 billion tons of waste sent to landfills each year. Our reusable container service ensures compliance with upcoming sustainability ordinances and programs.

Less Expensive

The combined cost of compostable containers and utensil sets ranges widely but is almost always more expensive than our reusable container service. Add in fees for waste collection services and it's not even close.


“One of my first jobs was as a dishwasher, so I’ve seen first-hand how inefficient yet important dishrooms are to the overall operations. Dishcraft is bringing new thinking, technology, and processes to tackle this problem, and it is long overdue.”

What You Get With
Dishcraft Daily

  • Clean Reusable Dishes and Containers Delivered Every Day
  • Heavy duty containers and stainless utensils delivered sanitized and sealed
  • Commercial dishwashing at our high efficiency automated dishroom
  • Collection stations for micro-kitchens, break rooms and picnic areas
  • Optional dish porter service available

Do Your Part and Rethink
Single-Use To-Go Containers Today!

Percentage of compostables
that end up in landfill
Amount of waste reduction
realized by Dishcraft customers
Number of years it takes for
disposables to decompose in
a landfill

Dishcraft is currently delivering in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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