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Corporate Dishwashing
Delivery Service


Powered by Innovative Robotics and AI

Clean Dishes
Delivered Daily

Dish as a Service

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Reduces waste

Uses cold recycled water
Lessens sewer utilization
Lowers waste.

Improves reliability

Dishcraft Daily®’s guaranteed dishwashing delivery service simplifies your entire food-service operation, reducing your worries about staffing, safety, and equipment breakage.

Dishwashing as a service eliminates strain on kitchen staff

Automation reduces ergonomic strain of reaching, pushing, and pulling wares.

Guarantees consistently clean dishes

Advanced AI detects dirt particles, which are then removed by patent-pending cleaning mechanisms.


Single-Use Wares

Of Diners surveyed prefer
eating on real dishes
over compostables
Amount of waste reduction
realized by Dishcraft customers
Percentage of compostables
that end up in landfill
Number of years it takes for
disposables to decompose in
a landfill

Dishcraft is currently delivering in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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