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Dishcraft was founded in 2015 to create happy, productive, sustainable workplaces by making automation accessible to food-service operations. The company’s dishwashing as a service, Dishcraft Daily, is now being used by dozens of companies around the Bay Area.

Dishcraft has raised over $25 million from investors including Baseline Ventures, First Round Capital, and Lemnos. Dishcraft is headquartered in San Carlos, CA.

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Dishcraft Robotics Takes Over Dishwashing From Humans

Washing dishes is a problem that robots can solve, at least in commercial kitchens

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Robotic dishwasher saves restaurants from drudgery

Dishcraft even offers dishwashing as a service.

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New robotic dishwasher for restaurants is taking the dirty work out of the kitchen

DIshcraft's robotic dishwasher sees dirt better than the naked eye.

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Dishcraft is currently delivering in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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