My thoughts during difficult times

My thoughts during difficult times

A message to the Dishcraft Team

Jun 15 2020 Our Perspective 2 minutes
My thoughts during difficult times

By Linda Pouliot, CEO and Co-Founder

We are living in unprecedented times. We cannot and should not pretend that the world is as it was. Just three short months ago, the world was brought to its knees by a pandemic that affects our health, risks financial hardship and is crippling many of our community’s businesses. And now our country is also grappling with its long history of pernicious injustice in the Black community. These events touch all of us.

I struggle to find the balance between responding to these events personally and as a leader of our robotics tech company; and also how the company should respond to outside politics.

People are in pain, angry and scared, and are raising their voices. Yet, I believe we can solve these challenges and remain hopeful and optimistic for our future. I believe our everyday actions are relevant, and we can affect real and positive change through the decisions we make.

Fundamentally my vision has been about people, about creating happiness and connection for ourselves and for others. I chose to create a company focused on the food industry because food is a place that brings people together. Gathering around a meal allows us to deeply know one another and creates kinship. Culture is not defined by our beliefs; it is defined by our actions.

Here are the actions I am committing to today:

  • I am adding diversity as a value to Dishcraft. What gets measured gets done. Six months ago, we realized that sustainability needed to be called out. Similarly, I think it is important to form a group that will meet regularly to ensure we measure and track diversity progress.
  • Many of you know I mentor entrepreneurs. To date my mentees have been centered around hardware and women, but I am broadening this effort and have applied to the MBK alliance.
  • I will redouble my effort to support local businesses. They have been decimated by recent events and any contribution I can make will help, however small.
  • I want you to know that I am here to listen and support you. Reach out if you need a safe space for conversation. I promise to be open.

I recognize that this is just a start and am committed to always listening, learning and growing. I am inspired by the people on this team, and grateful for your hard work and passionate efforts.

Dishcraft is currently delivering in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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