Age of COVID-19 -- Don’t Throw Out Sustainability with Your To-Go…

Age of COVID-19 -- Don’t Throw Out Sustainability with Your To-Go Boxes

Dishcraft Now Delivers a Reusable, Sanitary Takeout Solution

Jun 2 2020 Our Perspective 1 minute, 59 seconds
Age of COVID-19 -- Don’t Throw Out Sustainability with Your To-Go Boxes

As employees gradually return to their workplaces, companies that provide meal service are balancing issues of sanitization and social distancing in an effort to keep their people safe. For the foreseeable future, pre-COVID-19 dining in crowded cafeterias featuring salad bars and buffets is being replaced with individually-portioned to-go meals that allow employees to eat at their desk, outside, or wherever they feel comfortable. Unfortunately, this single-use disposable solution, even when using compostable materials, will create more problems than it solves--reversing sustainability initiatives, creating mountains of trash, and possibly contributing to the spread of contagions. Companies want to return to corporate meal service in both a sustainable and hygienic way, and that’s why Dishcraft is expanding our daily dishware delivery service to include reusable to-go containers.

Reducing the staggering environmental impact of single-use foodware has been a priority and mission for many Bay Area companies over the past few years. Data showing that 70% of litter is food and beverage containers, or that one paper plate takes eight gallons of water to produce, has prompted many important sustainability ordinances and programs. With risks surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, sustainability has understandably taken a backseat to hygiene and sanitization concerns. We are now learning, however, that single-use containers may actually be less sanitary than reusables as there are no requirements for sterilization and no traceability in handling and manufacturing.

Dishcraft’s daily delivery service now includes the option of heavy-duty, reusable containers with snug-fitting lids as a to-go option. These durable containers can be washed hundreds of times and are specially formulated to withstand the high heat of microwaves and sanitizing machines. In addition, Dishcraft provides reusable stainless flatware sets, individually wrapped and sealed. Just like our signature dine-in dishware, Dishcraft to-go containers and flatware are sanitized and delivered every day. Used wares are deposited in collection stations placed throughout the properties and are brought back to our dishwashing hub where they’re cleaned, sanitized, and placed in sealed containers, ready for delivery again the next day. Get in touch if you'd like to learn more!

The post-COVID world is currently filled with uncertainty and concern. As companies struggle to get back to business, adding to an already overloaded landfill and fragile global carbon footprint should not be an additional worry. Dishcraft is committed to providing the most sanitary and advanced reusable dishware solutions, helping our customers reopen safely and sustainably.

Dishcraft is currently delivering in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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