Dishcraft’s High Level of Clean

Dishcraft’s High Level of Clean

Robotic Scrubbing & Handling, Multiple Inspections, Commercial-Grade Sanitization; Dishcraft Exceeds Standard Dishwashing Quality

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Dishcraft’s High Level of Clean

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dishcraft has heightened its already stringent policies for cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection of our dishware, equipment, and facility. We are continuously monitoring and following the recommendations and guidelines of the local governments and the health authorities to provide the best service possible while ensuring the highest level of safety and hygiene.

Following are Dishcraft’s sanitization and hygiene practices and policies:

  • Proprietary dishwashing robots use advanced sensors, computer vision, AI, UV lighting, and innovative mechanics to autonomously sort, scrub, inspect, and rack dishware
  • Advanced computer vision inspects each plate and bowl multiple times throughout the scrubbing and sanitizing process to detect tiny particles of dirt undetectable to the human eye, re-cleaning any dishes that do not meet our high standards.
  • Dishcraft’s robotic dishroom automates the washing process to provide a highly consistent clean unachievable with traditional human-run dishrooms
  • After pre-rinse, scrubbing, and inspection, dishware is sent through a high-temperature sanitizer that uses hot water and eco-friendly chemicals to kill bacteria and viruses, far exceeding required sanitization levels determined by public health codes
  • All Dishcraft employees are required to wear PPE while working in the dishroom and dishware storage and transport locations.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened the importance of sanitization and hygiene in every area of our daily lives but particularly in food service. Dishcraft is committed to exceeding all dishwashing guidelines and regulations to protect the safety and health of our customers, partners and staff. We are all in this together," said Linda Pouliot, Founder and CEO.

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