Dishcraft Clean - A Higher Level of Safety and Sanitization

Dishcraft Clean - A Higher Level of Safety and Sanitization

Our commitment to health and safety has never been more important, learn how Dishcraft Clean will be the new industry standard

Jan 14 2021 Our Perspective 1 minute, 28 seconds
Dishcraft Clean - A Higher Level of Safety and Sanitization

When it comes to clean, our robotic solution provides a significant improvement over traditional ware washing. We are able to combine multiple layers and levels of cleaning, testing, inspection technologies, and protocols for a level of safety and sanitization that exceeds all traditional dishwashing operations. We call this Dishcraft Clean.

Our proprietary system exceeds health code standards, is safer and more efficient, and uses less water & energy than traditional ware washing.

  • Multi-point inspections throughout the washing and sanitizing processes to detect the accumulation of soil and food debris. 22 photos (8 back, 14 front) from multiple angles

  • Commercial grade sanitization with ecofriendly chemicals, to kill bacteria and viruses, exceeding safe levels determined by public health codes and regulations

  • OSHA standards for safety and health, including full PPE, in Dishcraft dish rooms and at customer locations

  • Overall clean vs. Dishcraft disinfecting - reduced bacteria & foodborne illness

  • Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) testing to detect the remaining organic material remaining on a surface

  • High sensitivity allergen testing to detect residue of major allergens

Expert insights:

“The promotion of unnecessary single-use plastics to decrease exposure to COVID-19 negatively impacts the environment, water systems, and potential food supply compared to the safe use of reusable bags, containers, and utensils.” -Dr. Mark Miller, former director of research at the National Institutes of Health’s Fogarty International Center

“With disposables, you have no idea who has touched it. With your own reusables, you do!” -Béa Johnson, the author of Zero Waste Home

Now more than ever It’s a time of apprehension and uncertainty. Dishcraft clean offers the needed reassurance that every precaution is being taken to ensure a higher level of safety and sanitization with each of our valued clients.

Dishcraft is currently delivering in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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