Building the Dishcraft Business

Building the Dishcraft Business

Announcing New Funding, Board Members and To-Go Service

May 27 2020 3 minutes, 51 seconds
Building the Dishcraft Business

By Linda Pouliot, CEO and Co-Founder

It is a big day for all of us at Dishcraft. We are proud to announce the close of our $20 million Series A1 funding round led by Grit Ventures, as well as the addition of two board members; Marc Randolph, founder and former CEO of Netflix, and Kelly Coyne, founder and partner of Grit Ventures. Dishcraft is also announcing the expansion of our daily dish washing and delivery service, which now includes reusable to-go solutions for operations wanting to provide individually packaged meals while maintaining their commitment to sustainability and waste reduction.

Thank you to Dishcraft customers, partners, investors and employees for your ongoing support and commitment. This milestone is a vote of confidence for our vision to be the leading global dishwashing service provider.

For more details about the funding round, please see the press release below.

Dishcraft Robotics Raises $20M in Series A1 Funding to Help Cafeterias and Caterers Reopen Post-Pandemic

Robot-powered dishwashing service will expand delivery of sanitized, reusable dishware and to-go containers to SF Bay Area foodservice operators; Netflix Co-Founder Marc Randolph to join board

San Carlos, Calif. – May 27, 2020 – Dishcraft Robotics, provider of the only full-service sustainable dishware delivery service powered by AI and robotics, today announced it has raised $20 million in Series A1 funding led by new investor Grit Ventures. Returning investors First Round Capital, Baseline Ventures, Fuel Capital, and Lemnos also participated in the round. To date, Dishcraft has raised $46 million in venture funding. Marc Randolph, co-founder and former CEO of Netflix, and Kelly Coyne, founder and partner at Grit Ventures, will join Dishcraft’s board of directors, joining other prominent board members including Steve Anderson, founder of Baseline Ventures.

Dishcraft will use the new investment to expand its daily dish delivery service to include reusable to-go containers and utensils. This will enable foodservice operators such as cafeterias, caterers, and restaurants to offer diners individually portioned takeaway meals in reusable containers that meet health guidelines for sanitization and hygiene. These guidelines, combined with social distancing regulations, will likely limit communal dining for the foreseeable future, making takeaway options a compelling way to restart foodservice operations.

“Even pre-COVID, Dishcraft was on track to be a significant force of disruption in the world of food services,” said Kelly Coyne, founder and partner at Grit Ventures. “In recent years, robotics has introduced major operational improvements in traditional industry. In particular, firms like Dishcraft that leverage RaaS (robotics-as-a-service) have been able to rapidly gain traction and sell effortlessly into long-stagnant industries.”

Dishcraft Daily is a sustainable dishware delivery service powered by Dishcraft’s purpose-built robotic dishwashers that can autonomously clean and sanitize tens of thousands of dishes every day. Similar to a linen service, Dishcraft delivers plates, bowls, cups, and utensils each day throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Dishcraft then collects and returns dirty wares to its dishwashing hub where robots use advanced sensors, computer vision, AI, UV lighting, and innovative mechanics to autonomously sort, scrub, inspect, and rack dishware. Each plate is inspected multiple times, spotting miniscule particles invisible to the human eye and washing plates until they’re entirely clean. Dishcraft Daily is also sustainable, replacing single-use foodware that ends up in landfills, and using small amounts of cold water and a fraction of the energy of typical dishwashers.

“At Dishcraft, we use robotics, automation, and a service business model to solve real-world problems. The ongoing support of our investors underscores how Dishcraft is at the forefront of technology, poised to meet the changing needs of a critical industry,” said Linda Pouliot, CEO and founder of Dishcraft. “The pandemic has put the spotlight on the absolute necessity for hygienic foodservice, and, with our solution, foodservice operators do not need to give up sustainability to achieve that goal.”

Dishcraft will expand the size of its dishwashing hub in San Carlos, California as well as add reusable takeaway containers to its daily dishware delivery service. Dishcraft Daily customers include Affirm and foodservice company Guckenheimer, with many more to be announced soon.

About Dishcraft Robotics

Dishcraft Robotics is a robotics company focused on solving the labor and sustainability challenges facing foodservice operators. Its core offering, Dishcraft Daily, is a reliable, eco-friendly daily dishware delivery service that provides high quality, sanitized, reusable dine-in dishware and to-go containers to Bay Area foodservice operators, including corporate, hotel, and hospital cafeterias. Founded in 2015, Dishcraft has raised $45 million in venture funding from leading investors including Grit Ventures, Baseline Ventures, First Round Capital, Fuel Capital, and Lemnos. For more information, visit

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